10 Questions For Better Business Performance & Profitability.


Too often, when things go off course in business, the most typical question from management is “Why?” Often that question puts team members on the defensive instead of inspiring them to discover what really went wrong, how to prevent it from happening again, correcting course and trying again instead of addressing the broken process.

My guest, Cary Phillips, is a keynote speaker, business consultant, stand-up comedian and engaging story teller who teaches business audiences “The Power of Question.” Not just any question, however. During my entertaining and informative conversation with Cary, he lays out 10, essential questions that every business should be prepared to ask to improve processes, performance and profitability.

We discuss:

  • The top 3 questions each business should be asking itself
  • The top 2 questions each person should be asking continuously
  • The most powerful question you can ask
  • Examples of the timely question and how it improved businesses
  • How to improve your business culture through the use of questions
  • Overcoming defensiveness in responding to questions
  • Bad questions and the problems they can cause
  • What are the questions you aren’t asking that you should

If you’re a business owner, manager or entrepreneur, you’ll walk away from my discussion with Cary Phillips with a wealth of useful, immediately actionable nuggets that will help you strengthen the processes and improve the performance and profitability of your company.

About Cary Phillips:

Cary is a former practicing attorney (too much paperwork), reinsurance executive (that was fun), and a GE-trained Master Black Belt in Six Sigma Process Improvement (again, as he explains in our conversation, more interesting than you’d think), Cary now travels the United States conducting a one-day business simulation on financial acumen (it’s really a game) for thousands of employees. As I learned in our conversation, Cary is much funnier and more interesting than his background would suggest.

Ron Ruth is a proud member of the National Speakers Association and is an eSpeaker Certified Virtual PresenterThis article authored by: Ron Ruth  |  Keynote Speaker, Customer Experience Design Consultant & Coach, Founder of the Inspiramaginativity™ Institute.

Ron Ruth, Keynote Speaker, Customer Experience Design Specialist and Creative Brainstorming Facilitator.

Ron is the author of “How To Speak Fluent “WOW!”—The Language of High-Spending, Loyal, Raving Customers” and an eSpeaker Certified Virtual Presenter

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