4 Ways To Deliver Customer Experiences In A Post-COVID World.

4 ways to prepare your business to meet the challenge of exceeding customer expectations in this post-COVID

Now that businesses are reopening, customers are excited to shop again but they’ve also raised the bar on their expectations from the businesses they patronize.

Here are 4 ways to help you meet the challenge of exceeding those expectations as a business owner, entrepreneur or manager and to making your customers say “WOW!”

First….Your Customers Want To Be Loved:

Right now, your customers want more than anything to experience the warm, fuzzy feelings of belonging, care, appreciation even love with your business and brand.

Yes. The quality of the products and/or services you provide are absolutely important, but their value takes second place to how your customers feel doing business with you and your business.

That emotional connection drives their passion, loyalty and advocacy and is directly proportionate to how they will reward you through their return business and enthusiastic referrals for years to come.

Second…Your Customers Have Experienced Wow—And They Like It!:

Your customers have money to spend, but they will be more particular determining who to spend it with.

And, here’s the thing. Your customers aren’t just comparing your business to your competitor’s business anymore.

Your customers are now comparing your business to the best experience they have ever enjoyed – from any company they’ve done business with—regardless of the industry.

You’re no different than your customers.

What are the companies you enjoy doing business with over here where you know you’re paying more for their product or service than you would if you were doing business over here but the reason you keep coming back over here is because they wrap you in a warm fuzzy blanket of care…making you feel valued, special, important?

In all likelihood, if you’ve had your expectations exceeded by those businesses—some of your customers have too.

So what lessons can you learn from those interactions that you can adapt and adopt to your own business that customers will seek out and rave about?

What are you waiting for? No one holds a patent on the delivery of “WOW!” customer experiences. Knock yourself out. The sky’s the limit.

Third…Your Customers Expect A Human To Human Experience:

Treat customers as part of your business’s extended family.

Research studies have found that 64 percent of consumers point to shared values as the main reason they have a strong relationship with a business.

They feel safe, secure—a sense of belonging. As humans, we tend to gravitate towards other humans who genuinely have our best interest at heart.

We love hanging out with people who make us feel good about ourselves.

Especially during these uncertain times—-care about—and for your customers in a sincere and compassionate way.

Granted this step should be obvious, but care, empathy and compassion are paramount in producing a sense of security and well-being.

There are many reasons why a client will abandon their relationship with a company, but their perception that the company didn’t care about them is almost always at the top of that list.

Every customer is a V.I.P.—a Valuable Indispensable Patron.

And fourth…Your Customers Love All WOWs Big & Small:

According to the Harvard Business School, increasing customer retention rates by 5 percent increases profits by 25 percent to 95 percent.

That’s why so many small business owners are looking for even the smallest way to make a difference in the lives of their customers.

They know you can’t generate an abundance of loyal customers if there’s nothing special about their business.

It is imperative to search for ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace—and often times the most memorable experiences are the least epic and delivered at a minimal cost to the business.

We all love it when someone does something unexpected for us. It makes us happy and feel better about ourselves and others.

And, that “something” doesn’t have to be epic…even the smallest gesture like a smile, a thank you, recognizing a customer by name, an unexpected discount or bonus product or service can have a tremendous impact on the relationship you have with your customers.

Sometimes, “its the thought that counts”—can carry tremendous value if it gives your customers the feeling that something positive happened to them.

Ultimately, A “WOW!” customer experience isn’t measured by how much it cost, it’s measured by how much you cared.

So there you go. 4 ways to prepare your business to meet the challenge of exceeding customer expectations in this post-COVID world and beyond.

But, what I’ve covered are just the basics.

For a deeper dive into speaking fluent “WOW!” the language of the high-spending, loyal, raving, customers you want to attract most to your business, reach out to me about bringing the lesson of speaking fluent “WOW!” to your business, conference, organization or association either on screen (virtually) or in person on stage.

Until next time, I wish you continued success and prosperity.

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Ron Ruth is a proud member of the National Speakers Association and is an eSpeaker Certified Virtual PresenterThis article authored by: Ron Ruth  |  Keynote Speaker, Customer Experience Design Consultant & Coach, Founder of the Inspiramaginativity™ Institute.

Ron Ruth, Keynote Speaker, Customer Experience Design Specialist and Creative Brainstorming Facilitator.

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