September 12, 2017

About Ron Ruth

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“Ron Ruth is that unique entrepreneur who possesses “big picture” vision and demonstrates his knowledge through the lens of “how can I use this to help others?” Passionate about teaching, I highly recommend you take advantage of his  expertise – your customers will see an immediate change in their experience and your business will reap the benefits.” – Jim Cerone, WED® – “The Perfect Host”

My friends know me as a husband, dad, grandpa, storyteller, student of improv, a performer, writer, friend and unabashed Disney geek (don’t judge me).

Entrepreneurs know me as a successful business owner, business consultant, coach, public speaker, workshop facilitator, mentor, teacher, innovator and the founder of “Inspiramaginativity™” – the playful blending of inspiration, imagination & creativity to produce innovative ideas and highly profitable solutions for your most daunting business challenges.

I’m also an emotional guy; I’d have to be to spend 45+ years in business management, 25+years as a business owner in the wedding industry, and my whole life as a frustrated actor who had youthful aspirations of being a star on the silver screen or Broadway stage. (I’m still holding out hope it could happen.)

In everything I do in service to others, I am driven by (and measured against) a simple purpose—to inspire entrepreneurs to utilize their creative spirit to do extraordinarily imaginative and innovative things to benefit the lives of their customers. And, to demonstrate the value of #inspiramaginativity as one of the most beneficial and efficient tools for overcoming complex business obstacles and generating profits.

I respect my trusting clientele as creative partners. That personal and collaborative connection consistently produces far more opportunities for all involved to enjoy the rewards that come from strong connections and long-term business relationships.

In addition to a busy speaking and consulting calendar, I’ve enjoyed a eight+ years as a writer for Disc Jockey News, a national, monthly periodical for professional entertainers. I’m a certified, Wedding Entertainment Director®, a past member of the Board of Advisers for the Wedding Entertainment Director’s Guild® and have served in other positions of honor with a number of wedding and event industry associations; including the American Disc Jockey Association, National Association of Catering Executives, Wedding Entertainment Directors Guild®, Professional Keynote Speakers, Wedding Professionals’ Network, Wedding and Events Professionals Kansas City, and more.​​​

If you’re ready to fire up your team, group or members, take the next step. Let’s arrange a time suited to your schedule to discuss the ideal speaking, consulting or CX workshop program for your audience. Take the first step to giving your conference, meeting or association an electrifying spark of #inspiramaginativity™ by completing the contact form on this page or reaching out to me through one of these convenient methods:

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Many of my presentations are also available as learning resources on DVD.