Business Leadership: How To Win Over Prickly People.

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On a recent episode of “Ron Ruth Presents…” for  DJNTV, I had the pleasure of speaking with Steven Iwersen, CSP, keynote speaker and relational leadership expert about his best selling book, “The Porcupine Principles! How To Move Prickly People To Preferred Outcomes.

The Porcupine Principles!” is a realistic and practical approach on the how-to’s of influencing prickly people during times of difficulty and change. We all have a prickly person in our life or in the workplace. And we are all faced with the same challenge. How do we handle those moments when we encounter an uncooperative, negative thinking person? What do we do when there are differing opinions? Is there a way to a successful outcome when a person on the team is resistant to change? More importantly, how do you direct them to a successful outcome when they are resistant to the changes?

During our discussion, Steven reveals five, simple principles that go to the heart of being a leader and working with prickly people in business or any team environment.

What’s makes Steven’s approach unique is that the principles are all based on lessons learned from the very real World Championship Porcupine Races that takes place every 4th of July in a small mountain town in Idaho. Yes, real porcupine races with real porcupines that the handlers actually have to catch themselves.

Now you’re curious, aren’t you? I was too.

That’s why I’ve included footage of the actual porcupine races in this video of my conversation with Steven. Watch and learn how following the “Porcupine Principles” can help you influence people during times of difficulty and change to bring calm, order and camaraderie to your business.

You’ll also discover solutions to the most common challenge of business leadership – winning over negative thinking and uncooperative people.


The Principle of the Starting Line: Everyone deserves to be Respected

The Principle of the Broom: The best decisions come from timely, meaningful information and clarity of direction.

The Principle of the Trashcan: Thoughtful conversations can help to achieve positive solutions. Thoughtless confrontations will leave you running in circles.

The Principle of the Fence: Boundaries well-defined lead to greater possibilities.

The Principle of the Finish Line: A shared success is always better than standing all alone.

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