March 8, 2017

Customer Experience Consulting & Coaching


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“Simply put, Ron rises to the occasion to aid you and your business. Every. Time. He is a fantastic trainer, generously offering his wisdom, expertise and passion to see others succeed. This is the kind of stuff that can’t be faked, and something that truly makes him one in a million!” – Christie Nordmeyer – Director of Marketing Strategy, Unique Travel Corp., the worldwide representatives of Sandals Resorts & Beaches Resorts

Like you, as someone who has been serving customers one-on-one for a number of years, I know that amazing great, “WOW!” inducing customer experiences generates an abundance of repeat business and a customer base of raving fans who will share their experience with the world.

So how do you design and deliver a customer experience makes them shout “WOW!” to everyone they know? You’ve got to speak their language.

Through my years of assisting customers, I’ve learned how to speak fluent “WOW!,” the language of the customers who will spend more on your product or service, will return to do business with you again and again, and will enthusiastically refer your business to family and friends. By speaking their language, your customers will not only move mountains to do business with you for years to come, you’ll make your competition irrelevant and remove the need for you to ever compete on price again.

During our “WOW!” experience design consultations either individually or as a group, you’ll not only discover unique fresh ideas that will add even more customers to your loyal, raving fan base while separating you from the competition, you’ll learn how to continually generate even more ideas so the experience you deliver will never grow stale or unappealing.

“Ron does an amazing job listening to your challenges and passionately communicating solutions. He has much wisdom to share and is truly an expert in business. He is kind and has an ability to make difficult concepts seem simple. Ask him to help you and your business. You won’t regret it!” – Josh Staley, Josh Staley Productions

If your business is experiencing stagnation, it’s most likely because your “WOW!” customer experience delivery process has either failed or is non-existent. You may not be effectively communicating with your customers wants and needs. I can help you make the necessary adjustments to go from business stagnant to customer magnet by teaching you and your team how to speak fluent “WOW!,” the language of the high-spending, loyal, raving customers your business want to attract most.

It’s Easy To Get Started! And, Your First “WOW!” Lesson Is Absolutely FREE!

Simply follow this link to my calendar or click the “ENROLL HERE” button below to enroll yourself or you entire team in a one-hour, complimentary customer experience design call with me at a time that is convenient for you. During our conversation, we’ll get you started on speaking fluent “WOW!” by talking about you, your business and your goals. And, we’ll discuss how you can tweak the customer experience delivery process you may already have in place or how you can design one that will attract the customers you want to work with most. Enroll now in a complimentary, one-hour customer experience design consultation with Ron Ruth.

“Ron has a great grasp of understanding what it takes to move a business to the next level with engaging sales approaches, creativity, and customized outcomes based on the clients.” – John Young, Publisher- Disc Jockey News

Questions? Feel free to reach out to Ron Ruth about speaking or consulting through his contact page or through one of the convenient methods below:

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Many of my presentations are also available as learning resources on DVD.