How To Convey Your Value And Worth To Wedding Couples

I originally wrote this article for a DJ publication a few years ago. What I’ve learned through my relationships with hundreds of wedding professionals from all segments of the industry, though, is that the frustration that often accompanies selling and conveying your value and worth is universal. The remedy is also universal as you’ll find[…]

Join Me In Orlando, FL, For the ArmDJs Conference Tour

I’m heading to Orlando, Florida on Tuesday, February 12th, 2019, to be the keynote speaker at the one-day stop of the ArmDJs conference. I’m also excited to deliver my brand new presentation “How To Speak Fluent “WOW!” – The Language of the High-Paying, Loyal, Raving Customers You Want to Work With Most.“ Much has been taught[…]

5 Ways To Deliver WOW Experiences That Breeds Brand Love

5 Ways To Deliver “WOW!” Customer Experiences That Breeds Brand Love

L-O-V-E. Countless songs, poetry, books, plays and movies have been written about love. And why not? Love is universal. And, as humans our want and need to be loved is just as strong as our need to love others. Love is rewarding. It’s comforting. It makes us feel valued, special, important and happy. Although it[…]

Five “WOW!” Customer Experience Predictions for 2019-2

Five “WOW!” Customer Experience Predictions for 2019

I’m an evangelist in spreading the value and benefit delivering “WOW!” customer experiences can bring to business owners like you. It wasn’t long ago that experts said that customer experience is the next competitive battlefield. But, Anette Fanz, Founder & CEO of CX Journey INC has another opinion. She believes, “Customer experience isn’t the next[…]


Naughty Or Nice Holiday Customer Experiences #2

Second In A Series Of Holiday Customer Experience Tales: My second tale of “Naughty Or Nice Holiday Customer Experiences” encountered during my holiday shopping excursions includes a #CustomerExperience that is the first to make it onto the “Nice List.” An easy gift purchase I make for my wife each Christmas is at Bath & Body[…]


Naughty Or Nice Holiday Customer Experiences

First In A Series Of Holiday Customer Experience Tales: Like so many others during this holiday season, I’ve been spending a ton of time in a variety of retail stores while gift shopping for friends and family. During the course of those shopping excursions I’ve encountered both very good and very bad customer experiences. And[…]

ICYMI Voters Approve Law To Fire You

ICYMI: Voters Approve Law To Fire Service Providers

In case you missed it, during this past mid-term election cycle in November, 2018, voters overwhelmingly approved a law that will affect service providers across the country. In a nutshell the new referendum that takes affect at the end of this year gives consumers the ability to terminate or void a service provider’s contract if[…]

Company Culture Leaders Lead The Way

Company Culture | Leaders Lead The Way

A friend of mine told me a story about his wife and their 3-year old daughter, Emily, grocery shopping. As the story goes, Emily was riding in the kid seat of the cart that her mom was pushing. As they rounded the end of one aisle to make their way up another, Emily’s mom narrowly[…]

customer experience: one style does not suit all

Customer Experiences: One Style Does Not Suit All

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation from the Lee Jeans’ world headquarters in Kansas City to be a part of a focus group. It was a small group of about eight guys, varying in age from mid-twenties to mid-sixties, and we were asked to give our opinion on a new line of men’s[…]


Are You Playing To Win The Game In Your Business?

“What Were You Thinking?” At the conclusion of practically every game in professional sports, you see and hear players, managers and coaches who have been thrown into the often contentious coliseum of the press corps to answer sometimes difficult questions regarding their level of play, game day decisions and on-the-field mistakes. Although we’ve all witnessed[…]