Geoff Ramm, Customer Experience Expert, On Celebrity Service And Storytelling.

I had the pleasure of speaking with keynote speaker, Geoff Ramm.

Geoff is also the creator and author of “Celebrity Service.” C-E-L-E-B-R-I-T-Y means:

C = ConsistencyClick To Purchase Celebrity Service by Geoff Ramm at Amazon

E = Excitement

L = Love

E = Engagement

B = Bravado

R = Response

I = Integrity

T = Thank You

Y = You & Your Team

As a customer service and customer experience expert, he has challenged and inspired audiences across 42 countries to create award-winning ideas to outperform the competition—helping them discover gaps in their service they never knew existed.

His clients include Emirates, Warner Brothers and McDonald’s.

FORBES calls him… ‘A Game Changer’.

During our conversation we not only discuss the power of delivering “Celebrity Service” to each and every customer a business interacts with, we also focus on Geoff’s unique, engaging and entertaining storytelling skills as they relate to improving a sales presentation, a conference room presentation, a keynote speech or in marketing materials.

Stories are a valuable tool for anyone in any profession where you want or need to persuade others to your way of thinking. Geoff is a master at it.

“Don’t just tell stories. Be in every story you tell.” – Geoff Ramm.

I think you’ll find Geoff to be as delightfully engaging and inspiring during our one-on-one discussion as he is on stage in the presence of thousands of audience members.

Now, watch Geoff’s finesse at storytelling in front of an audience..

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This article authored by: Ron Ruth  |  Keynote Speaker, Customer Experience Design Consultant & Coach, Founder of the Inspiramaginativity™ Institute.

Ron Ruth, Keynote Speaker, Customer Experience Design Specialist and Creative Brainstorming Facilitator.

Ron is the author of “How To Speak Fluent “WOW!”—The Language of High-Spending, Loyal, Raving Customers.”

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“Ron Ruth is a natural speaker and storyteller who excels onstage. He is so inventive in his entertaining and interactive delivery style that audiences are immediately drawn into his presentations as willing participants. Ron has always been a breeze to work with and is a speaker I know I can always count on and recommend without reservation.” – Shannon Underwood, Wedding MBA Vice President/Conference Director

When we hired Ron as a keynote speaker and workshop trainer our goal was to find the path to the next level of service delivery for our customers. He went above and beyond the call to understand our organization and tailor his presentation and workshop specifically for our needs. – Tim Pfohl – GSA/National Shared Workplace Services