How To Be Pro-Active In Serving Your Wedding Couples.

We solve customers' problems before they become problems.

“We Solve Customers’ Problems Before They Become Problems.”

There used to be a billboard between my home and downtown Kansas City. It was owned by one of the big banks in the area and it read “We solve customers’ problems before they become problems.”

Now,that’s a fairly bold statement for any business to make and in order for a business to make a statement like that they have to focus like a laser beam on details. That statement is also a great example of the difference between customer service and customer experience.

Customer service is waiting for the customer to come to you with their problems. And, every time they do, it just chips away at whatever relationship you may have had with them—especially if they have to keep coming back over and over again with the same problem.

Customer experience on the other hand is being proactive in serving the customer so they’re least likely to have problems pop up.

So, why not be proactive and reach out to your couples at least a couple of times by email from the time they contract you to the time of their event—just to check-in?

How are you doing? I know that wedding planning can be something of a challenge I’m here to help you. How can I be of service to you today?”

Establish yourself as an expert. Maybe share a link or two to an article that you found online or or maybe something that you’ve written that is going to make the process easier, more enjoyable or maybe even just more efficient for them.

Now, it could be that they tell you that “You know what? There’s really nothing that you can do to help us out today,” but trust me when I tell you they’re going to remember this very kind gesture tomorrow.

This is also a great time to strengthen the relationship that you have with your couples. Reaching out will make them feel valued, special and important. You’ll not only demonstrate that you care about your couples as far more than just a transaction, they’ll know that you have just as much of a vested interest in the success of their event as they do.

Now, just as a word of caution. Don’t use these emails as an opportunity to try to up-sell your customer. Once you do, then the relationship becomes transactional and you don’t want that to happen.

Also, when you close an email in customer service, you say things like “let me know if there’s something I can do for you. Let me know if you have a problem. Let me know if you need this.” With customer experience, close your emails with a question. “How else can I be of service to you today?”

As an example, if a customer sends you an email filled with questions, answer the questions and close the email with “What other questions can I answer for you today?” You’ll be amazed at how many emails you’ll get back to say, “You know what? You’ve taken care of everything that I needed, but I really appreciate you asking.”

You see, if you’re being proactive in serving your couples you, too, will find that you’ll be solving their problems before they become problems.

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