September 16, 2019

How To Speak Fluent “WOW!” Book Submission Page

Wedding Professionals: Help First Responders And Be Featured In A New Book!

Thank you for your interest in submitting the story of an amazing customer experience you deliver in your business that makes your customers say “WOW!” If selected, your story will be included in my new book “How To Speak Fluent ‘WOW!’: Lessons In The Language Of High-Spending, Loyal, Raving Customers.”

Customer Service vs. Customer Experience

“Customer service is answering the phone or an email in a timely manner. Customer experience is built on a foundation of emotion. How you make the customer FEEL during every interaction from first contact throughout their relationship with your business will define their experience. Do they feel valued, special, important and as though the experience they are enjoying was created solely with them in mind? Or, do they feel they are nothing more than just another transaction?”

Although the form below will guide you through everything needed for your submission, the following is a sample customer experience story that will provide you with some inspiration and clarity for telling your story.

Sample Customer Experience Story:

My wedding celebration planning meetings can last 2-3 hours, depending on whether I’m also helping them with the ceremony. Knowing that my couples will typically come to that meeting at my office straight from work, I also know that they’ve not taken time to eat dinner. So, I find out their favorite pizza toppings in advance of the meeting and have a couple pizzas delivered at about the same time they arrive. Rather than thinking about how hungry they are, my couples are able to focus on the important subject at hand—planning for their fun wedding celebration. Eating also prevents them from getting “hangry.” My couples not only thank me for taking their needs into consideration, you’d be surprised at how much valuable information people will reveal about themselves when sharing a meal together…even if it is just pizza. That’s information that can also become a unique, personal touch included in their wedding ceremony or celebration. (Note: This is about 160 words out of a possible 200 words max.)

Now its your turn! Please submit your story by completing the form below or return to the “invitation” page

My goal is to receive no less than 100 stories from wedding & event pros!

If your submission is selected, I will send you a content release form that will need to be completed, signed and returned prior to our moving forward.

Upon the receipt of your release form:

  1. You will be invited to participate in a brief (5-10 minute) Zoom video interview (recorded) to personally convey your story.
  2. The contents of the recorded, Zoom video will also be edited into a brief lesson in delivering amazing customer experiences featuring YOU and with full attribution (name, business, website) to be posted on YouTube and other social sites.
  3. You will also receive full attribution (name, business, website) within the book.
  4. Plus, EVEN IF YOUR STORY IS NOT PUBLISHED, you’ll receive a complimentary, first edition copy of the finished work just for submitting.

I sincerely appreciate your kind consideration and a glad you’ve chosen to join me in this project.

If you have questions, please email me at the address below. If you’d like to speak with me, personally, you can easily see my real-time availability and schedule a time convenient for you through my on-line calendar.

Thank you.

Ron Ruth
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