July 2, 2020

Keynote And Breakout Topics

Keynote Speaker and Customer Experience Designer, Ron Ruth, offers a variety of topics tailored to business focused audiences at meetings and conferences.

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“Thank you, again, for your inspiring presentation at the SWP Luncheon. Our members truly enjoyed it!”  – Alex Stein, CWEP / The Society of Wedding Professionals (Dallas) – Director of Programs

Keynote And Breakout Topics

As you’re planning your next conference or meeting, let’s discuss the ideal keynote or breakout that will make it an engaging, inspiring and exciting event your attendees will not only remember, they’ll rave about it for years to come.

Presentations Available In-Person or On-Line (Virtual).* 

“How To Speak Fluent ‘WOW!’:
The Language Of High-Spending, Loyal, Raving Customers.”

Is your business up to the challenge of exceeding the expectations of the post-COVID generation of customers?

Today’s consumers are actually a bit more “spoiled” now than before the virus hit. They’ve become accustom to businesses being more easily accessible, more warmly accommodating, and more genuinely appreciative of their patronage.

They enjoy feeling valued special and important. “How To Speak Fluent ‘WOW!,’ The Language Of High-Spending, Loyal, Raving Customers” provides lessons in exceeding the Customer Experience challenge through immediately actionable content plus:

  • Valuable secrets to making emotional connections that produce customer fandom and loyalty.
  • Simple steps to differentiating your business from the competition, eliminating the need to compete on price.
  • Effective ways to measure the experience and verify that your customers are feeling the “WOW!”
  • Essential elements to mapping your customer’s journey to assure uniformity in experience delivery.
  • How to personalize the client experience, leading to increased sales, referrals and $$.

Let’s talk about designing “WOW!” Customer Experiences specific to your business or about bringing the “WOW!” message to your team, meeting or conference on-screen (virtually) or on-stage (in person).

This Keynote Presentation is also an ideal Breakout Session and/or Workshop.Contact Ron Ruth To Discuss This Topic

“Imagination Station:
Creativity Lab For Business Pros.”

Creative processes and business processes are interdependent on each other when it comes to fresh ideas and innovation. But, a recent research study finds that the U.S. has been in the midst of a creative crisis since the 1990’s. Our ability to be creative is slowly and steadily being depleted.

We are using far less of our enormous, exclusively human ability to dream, imagine and create than previous generations. That reduced creative capacity has also lessened our proficiency at problem solving and idea generating and may well be holding businesses and entrepreneurs back from achieving their full creative and innovative potential—and success.

Fortunately, there are easy-to-learn mind games, exercises and routines that will help individuals revive their imaginative and creative spirit while becoming happier and more productive in their professional and personal lives.

Creativity Lab Work Includes:

  • Filling artistic voids with tools that boost creative and innovative spirit.
  • How ideas are generated to make it easier to navigate the creative process.
  • Creative-thinking warm up exercises that make attendees better at performing creative-thinking tasks.
  • Why mistakes should be embraced as a natural part of the creative process.
  • Brainstorming methods that generate unique, stand-out ideas that will keep any business top-of-mind.
  • And more.

This Keynote Presentation is also an ideal Breakout Session and/or Workshop.Contact Ron Ruth To Discuss This Topic

Business Unscripted“Business Unscripted:
Improv For Business Pros.”

The art of improvisation has become such a valuable tool in the work place that prominent universities like MIT now include improv training as part of the curriculum for students of business management.

Improvisation dares team members to trust their instincts and appreciate others and what they bring to the table. And, because improv training offers insight into leadership, persuasion and adaptability, a number of Fortune 500 companies also use it to enhance the communication and crisis management skills plus the creativity and collaborative culture of their workforce.

Ron has trained with some of the most talented improv performers in Kansas City and from across the country, and has also been performing improv since 2012.

Attendees Will Learn How To:

  • Fine-tune valuable listening skills to generate more sales and amazing customer experiences.
  • Conduct the most engaging, productive and rewarding sales presentations.
  • Embrace the improv culture of saying “Yes,and…” to produce an abundance of innovative ideas.
  • Facilitate more productive, creative brainstorming sessions that will make extraordinary differences in every aspect of any business from hiring practices to customer experiences and everything in between.
  • Accept that there are no such thing as mistakes—only opportunities
  • And more.

This Keynote Presentation is also an ideal Breakout Session and/or Workshop.Contact Ron Ruth To Discuss This Topic

Keynote Speaker, Ron Ruth, Presents "re-Ignite Your Creativity! How To Overcome Inspiration Burnout."“re-Ignite Your Creativity!
How To Overcome Inspiration Burnout.”

Passion, inspiration, and imagination fuel the fire of your creativity. Creativity is not only a vital element to performing your craft as an entrepreneur, it’s essential to everything you do in your business from improving your sales and marketing to increasing your bottom line.

Regularly tapping into your creative spirit can also strengthen your problem solving and idea generating skills. But what do you do when the flame fades and the fuel you depend on to be inventive and innovative is in short supply?

Ron shares an artist’s point-of-view to:

  • Avoiding obstacles that cause creative block.
  • Dealing with negative influences that hinder innovative advancements.
  • Defying fear of failure to experiment with newly imagined ideas.
  • Keeping the flame of creativity burning bright.

This Keynote Presentation is also an ideal Breakout Session and/or Workshop.Contact Ron Ruth To Discuss This Topic

Public Speaker, Ron Ruth, Presents "Behind The Castle Walls: Create M-A-G-I-C In Your Wedding Business."“Behind The Castle Walls:
Creating M-A-G-I-C In Your Business.”

What in the world could your customer focused business possibly have in common with the “Happiest Place On Earth®?” More than you can imagine.

In “Behind The Castle Walls,” self-professed “Disney Geek,” Ron Ruth  will take you on an inspiring journey into the creative and business genius of Walt Disney.

He’ll also share his observations and extensive research as a frequent visitor to the “House of Mouse.” You’ll discover the essential elements of Disney’s guest service process that is world renown for attracting millions upon millions of annual  visitors to the Disney Theme Parks and for transforming them into loyal, raving fans.

Ron takes you behind the M-A-G-I-C to reveal:

  • 3-steps to bolster customer loyalty through exemplary service.
  • The secrets to producing unexpected magic for your customers.
  • Why collaboration is essential to exceeding customer expectations.
  • How to inspire innovation through passion and imagination.

This Keynote Presentation is also an ideal Breakout Session.Contact Ron Ruth To Discuss This Topic

Ron Ruth is a proud member of the NationalSpeakers Association and is an eSpeaker Certified Virtual Presenter*I’m a proud member of the National Speaker’s Association and serve on the board of directors for the Kansas City Chapter of the NSA. And, I have earned the eSpeaker Certified Virtual Presenter which better qualifies me to deliver engaging, inspiring, informative and entertaining on-line presentations, keynotes and workshops.

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