Marceline, MO | Walt Disney’s Inspiration For Magical Guest Service


A Ron Ruth Customer Experience Presentation, "Behind The Castle Walls: Creating Magic In Any Business." What in the world can every customer focused business learn from the magical guest experiences delivered by the “Happiest Place on Earth®?”

More than you can imagine.

I recently custom designed my presentation “Behind The Castle Walls: Creating MAGIC In Any Business” for the 2021 virtual conference of the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).

As a self professed “Disney Geek” I was especially excited to do something for the virtual audience of the IACBE Conference I’d never be able to do during an in-person, on stage performance…take them on an inspiring journey into the creative and business genius of Walt Disney through a virtual fieldtrip of Walt’s boyhood hometown of Marceline, MO.

“To tell the truth, more thing of importance happened to me in Marceline than have happened since – or are likely to in the future.” – Walt Disney

With a little help from a sprinkling of pixie dust, attendees are flown into Marceline to join me on stops at the Walt Disney Hometown MuseumMarceline, MO | Walt Disney’s Inspiration For Disneyland And For Delivering Magical Guest Services, the Disney family farm, the original Mainstreet USA and the Autopia walking trail at E.P. Ripley Park.

During each of those four stops, the audience learned the details of each of the four, Guest Service Delivery Process elements for which Disney Theme Parks are famous for.…Safety, Courtesy, Show, Efficiency. These elements serve as a compass for Cast Members of every level—from upper management to the most novice new hire— in creating happiness and serving others.

“If there were more people in more companies with real dedication to their customers, their companies would be more profitable and their jobs more secure.” – Walt Disney

Staying true to those vital service elements not only attracts millions of annual visitors from around the world to the Disney Theme Parks, it also transforms visitors into loyal, raving fans.

More than six decades after Disneyland opened, these quality, Guest Service Elements remain the unshakeable foundation of everything Disney does to keep their guests happy and coming back for more.

Any organization would be envious to have their key standards stand the same test of time.

The best news is that you, too, can use Disney’s Guest Service Elements as a tool to transform satisfied customers into high-spending, loyal, raving fans of your organization.

Journey with me back to Marceline in the video below to discover how to adapt Disney Guest Service Elements to create MAGIC in your business, too. To make the trip, just think a happy thought.

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Ron Ruth is a proud member of the National Speakers Association and is an eSpeaker Certified Virtual PresenterThis article authored by: Ron Ruth  |  Keynote Speaker, Customer Experience Design Consultant & Coach, Founder of the Inspiramaginativity™ Institute.

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