March 8, 2017


Ron Ruth, public speaker. Presentations for small businesses, conferences and associations that educate, inform and inspire profitable solutions to the greatest business challenges.

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“Ron Ruth is a natural speaker and storyteller. He excels onstage and uses interactive elements to bring the audience into his speech. He is so inventive in his delivery of content.” – Shannon Underwood – Wedding MBA Vice President/Conference Director

With a background in the theater arts and improv performance, I always welcome the opportunity to take the stage and speak to any size audience from large, international conferences to more intimate gatherings of business professionals and entrepreneurs.

Nobody likes to sit through a boring seminar. That’s why my fun, engaging and often-times interactive presentations focus on actionable content that will inform, entertain and inspire every audience member of your group, organization or association.

Your attendees will leave excited and eager to transform what they’ve learned into real world innovation that will make a positive, long-lasting impact on their business, their work place and their lives.

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“Ron Ruth is one of the most innovative and thought-provoking speakers I’ve heard in a long time. I always learn something new and inspiring from his presentations.” — Tom Haibeck, Author, “Wedding Toasts Made Easy”

“I really enjoy attending Ron Ruth’s seminars. His speaking style is filled with enthusiasm, inspiration and actionable content. He always gives me the fresh outlook I need to move my businesses forward. And plainly speaking, his presentations are not only informative and engaging, they’re just plain fun.” – Britney Jones – Editor-In Chief, EA Bride Magazine

“When I saw Ron Ruth was presenting a program at a major convention, I got there early to get a front row seat. I follow his Facebook Group on creativity and was expecting something really fantastic. I along with hundreds of other industry professionals was not disappointed. His presentation was full of originality, humor and inspiration. It was the fastest 45 minutes and the absolute highlight of the conference. His standing ovation was well deserved.” – John Goolsby, Godfather Films.

“…an uplifting and powerful message that had the audience laughing and cheering. Ron connects with the audience and is very comfortable being himself on stage, which for those of us who know him, is a very good thing to share.” – Alan Berg – Speaker,Writer, Wedding Marketing Guru

“…outstanding presentation! I’m a fan!” – Tammy Kinzer Elliot – Speaker, President/CEO Of Perfect Wedding Guide

“Thank you, again, for your inspiring presentation at the SWP Luncheon. Our members truly enjoyed it! I’ve included a few attendee comments from our post-luncheon survey.” – Alex Stein, CWEP / The Society of Wedding Professionals (Dallas) – Director of Programs

  • “I was very encouraged and challenged by Ron. [He was] very entertaining and his content was relevant. I learned a lot. He kept me engaged.”
  • “Thought provoking presentation.”
  • “Great — needed the ‘no fear’ speech!”
  • “[He was] good at getting audience participation.”
  • “He was very interesting and inspiring.”
  • “He was a great speaker and I liked the interactive part of his presentation.”
  • “I loved the interactive portion! The speaker had us get up and do an activity. He’s shaking it up!”
  • “Fun! I enjoyed the interaction and playtime.”

To discuss a presentation for your group, organization or association, please contact me by completing the contact form on this page or through one of these convenient methods.

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Speaker Bio

Speaker Bio

Like most business owners, customer experience designer, Ron Ruth, has seen consumer expectations evolve over the past decade. Businesses can no longer rely on old-school customer service for survival. Today, businesses with an eye on success must connect emotionally with their customers through experiences that make them feel valued, special and important.

Ron has enjoyed over 45-years in business management, including 25-years as the owner of a highly successful wedding entertainment business. He’s known throughout the industry for his passion and as an architect of creative and innovative processes for delivering extraordinary, “WOW!” client/customer experiences.

As an entertaining and interactive presenter, Ron demonstrates how the power of inspiration, imagination and creativity (#inspiramaginativity™) can spark a fun, collaborative and productive work environment that generates innovative and profitable solutions to businesses’ greatest challenges and can transform satisfied customers into loyal, raving fans.

As a creator of lasting impressions, Ron’s speaking engagements consist of local to international audiences; including as a 5-year, featured speaker at the Wedding MBA Conference, ArmDJs, the Association of Bridal Consultants, the National Association of Catering Executives, the American Disc Jockey Association, the Wedding Marketing Expo and Mobile Beat Magazine’s Las Vegas Disc Jockey Conference (MBLV).

In addition to speaking, Ron is a business trainer, consultant and coach to entrepreneurs. He’s been a decade-long writer for Disc Jockey News and a regular, business education contributor for Disc Jockey News TV (DJNTV). Ron has connected with countless professionals from every industry as a featured guest on podcasts, web interviews and through his seminars, DVDs, workshops and speaking engagements.

To learn more about Ron’s business consulting and coaching or to discuss a tailored presentation for your group, association or conference, please visit or email or call/text Ron at 816.224.4487.

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What is #inspiramaginativity™ and what makes it so powerful?

So often in business, when a company is faced with a challenge or in need of new ideas, the natural instinct is to fall back on safe, overly used and ineffective idea generating processes. These processes do more to reinforce the status-quo than to produce fresh, innovative solutions.

That’s like putting a “Hello Kitty” band-aid on a broken arm. It’s cute, but it doesn’t stop the pain or advance the healing process.

#Inspiramaginativity (pronounced: inspirah-maginah-tivitee) is a playful blend of inspiration, imagination and creativity. 

Ron sprinkles a little of this amazingly resourceful tool into every presentation, coaching session and workshop to demonstrate how easily it can spark a fun, collaborative culture and productive work environment—generate innovative solutions to your greatest business challenges—and convert your satisfied customers into raving, referring fans.

Not just a cleaver hash-tag, embracing the spirit of #inspiramaginativity moves you to do the most extraordinary things for your business, your customers and your bottom line. It is the most powerful customer experience tool your business can have.



Learn How To Speak Fluent WOW!

“How To Speak Fluent ‘WOW!’:
The Language Of High-Paying, Loyal, Raving Customers.”

Much has been taught about the sales process and how to persuade customers to sign on the “bottom line.” The more important lesson that is often lacking, however, is—how to deliver the type of experience your customers expect and demand once they’ve committed to you and your service or product.

It is no longer enough for any business to rely solely on the delivery of basic customer service to build a loyal customer base. Customers want and expect an extraordinary “WOW!” experience, as well.

During Ron’s presentation you’ll learn:

  • Why customers will pay more for a product or service from businesses that provide a better experience.
  • Valuable secrets to making emotional connections that produce customer loyalty.
  • Simple steps to differentiating your business from the competition, eliminating the need to compete on price.
  • Effective ways to measure the experience and verify that your customers are feeling the “WOW!”
  • Essential elements to mapping your client’s journey to assure uniformity in experience delivery.
  • How personalizing the client experience leads to increased sales, referrals and profits.
  • And more.

This presentation is also available as a half-day or full-day workshop.

Business Unscripted

“Business Unscripted:
Improv For Business Pros.”

The art of improvisation has become such a valuable tool in the work place that prominent universities have made improv part of the curriculum for students of business management. A number of Fortune 500 companies also use improv training to enhance the communication and crisis management skills plus the creativity and collaborative culture of their workforce. Improv also offers insight into leadership, persuasion and adaptability. Improvisers (just like successful business owners) who perform their craft well, however, adhere to a set of guidelines and rules.

As an improv player, Ron demonstrates techniques for:

  • Fine-tuning valuable listening skills to close more sales and enhance the customer experience.
  • Conducting more engaging, productive and rewarding sales presentations.
  • Embracing “Yes,and…” to improve versatility with new ideas and to overcome unexpected situations.
  • Collaborating to make amazing differences in every aspect of your business.
  • Adapting a courageous mindset with no dead ends, only new challenges.

Imagination Station

“Imagination Station:
Creativity Lab For Business Pros.”

Creative processes and business process are dependent on each other. But, a recent research study finds that the U.S. has been in the midst of a creative crisis since the 1990’s. That crisis has become more severe over the past decade. The study concludes that we are using far less of our enormous creative capacity than previous generations. That lessened proficiency at problem solving and idea generating is most likely keeping you and your business from achieving your full creative, innovative potential and from realizing the success you’ve hoped for.

Ron’s lab work focuses on:

  • Filling more of your artistic void with tools that boost your creative and innovative spirit.
  • How ideas are generated to make it easier to navigate the creative process.
  • Creative-thinking warm up exercises that make you better at performing creative-thinking tasks.
  • Why mistakes should be embraced as a natural part of the creative process.
  • Brainstorming methods that will generate unique ideas to keep your business top of mind.

Public Speaker, Ron Ruth, Presents "Ever After: The Art Of Story-Selling."

“Ever After: The Art Of Story-Selling.”

Story telling is as old as mankind itself. The first novels were written as etchings on a cave wall. Your ability to convey an engaging story to prospective customers makes your business more relatable, appealing and compelling. Done well, the under-utilized power of story telling is an emotionally persuasive sales tool that makes it far easier for the customers to choose your service or product.

Ron opens the book on:

  • How your stories will give your brand an irresistible voice and place it top-of-mind.
  • Methods for crafting engaging, memorable stories that move prospects to take action
  • Why the story of your company’s “purpose” is the most important, profitable tale you’ll ever tell.
  • The potential damage to your reputation caused by letting others control your story.

Public Speaker, Ron Ruth, Presents "re-Ignite Your Creativity! How To Overcome Inspiration Burnout."

“re-Ignite Your Creativity!
How To Overcome Inspiration Burnout.”

Passion, inspiration, and imagination fuel the fire of your creativity. Creativity is not only a vital element to performing your craft as an entrepreneur, it’s essential to everything you do in your business from improving your sales and marketing to increasing your bottom line. Regularly tapping into your creative spirit can also strengthen your problem solving and idea generating skills. But what do you do when the flame fades and the fuel you depend on to be inventive and innovative is in short supply?

Ron shares an artist’s point-of-you to:

  • Avoiding obstacles that cause creative block.
  • Dealing with negative influences that hinder innovative advancements.
  • Defying fear of failure to experiment with newly imagined ideas.
  • Keeping your flame of creativity burning bright.

Public Speaker, Ron Ruth, Presents "Behind The Castle Walls: Create M-A-G-I-C In Your Wedding Business."

“Behind The Castle Walls
Creating MAGIC In Your Business.”

What in the world could your customer focused business possibly have in common with the “Happiest Place On Earth®?” More than you can imagine. In this chapter of “Behind The Castle Walls,” self-professed “Disney Geek,” Ron Ruth  will take you on an inspiring journey into the creative and business genius of Walt Disney. He’ll share his observations and extensive research as a frequent visitor to the “House of Mouse.” You’ll discover the essential elements of Disney’s guest service process that is world renown for attracting millions upon millions of annual  visitors to the Disney Theme Parks and for transforming them into loyal, raving fans.

Ron takes you behind the MAGIC to reveal:

  • 3-steps to bolster customer loyalty through exemplary service.
  • The secrets to producing unexpected magic for your customers.
  • Why collaboration is essential to exceeding customer expectations.
  • How to inspire innovation through passion and imagination.

To discuss the topics above or to talk about tailoring a presentation for your group, organization or association, please contact me by completing the contact form on this page or through one of these convenient methods.

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Suggested Room Set-Up

Suggested Room Set-Up:


Whenever possible, a classroom style set up (seating behind long, narrow banquet tables) is preferred so attendees can take notes.

Rounds with crescent style seating of 5 or 6 chairs per table, arranged so none of the participants have their backs to the front of the room or screen is another option.

Theatre style seating is also acceptable if tables are not available.

Workshops & Training:

A U-shape table set-up for workshops and training is perfect for groups of 15-25 attendees.

Additional Needs:

If possible, I’d like the use of either a high-top chair or stool placed on stage.

Please provide a table to display my DVDs. A 6 or 8 foot, draped table would be ideal, set up in the same room as my presentation and in a high traffic area.


If in doubt, I’m happy to discuss additional, room set-up options well in advance of my presentation to allow for the optimum viewing and participation experience for the audience. Please contact me at…

A/V Requirements

Audio Visual Requirements:

Video Requirements:

A projector and screen are required. Please set both on either the right or left side of the stage/room rather than on the stage or in center of the room. Having the projector and screen off to the side will enable me and others to walk around the room without walking in front of the projector.

Please ensure that an HDMI (preferred) or VGA cable is available for connecting my PC laptop to the projector. Since I use a wireless remote to advance my slides, my laptop can be set on a small table near the projector or on the speaker podium.

A large flat screen is sufficient for small groups and workshops. The same cable hook-ups as above are needed.

Audio Requirements:

An auxiliary or house sound system is required with an audio cable that has an 1/8th inch (small headphone) jack on one end to be plugged into my PC. The opposite end of the audio cable should to be connected to either a sound board or the house sound system.

I require a microphone for all events with 20 or more attendees. A wireless, headset microphone is preferred. If a headset microphone is not available, please secure a wireless, lapel, lavaliere microphone. If a wireless lavaliere microphone is not available, a handheld microphone is an alternative. No corded microphones, please.

Because my presentations are typically interactive—one additional wireless, handheld microphone and microphone stand is needed.

Additional Cabling:

An extension cord with multiple plugs should be available for laptop power and other electronic devices.

Feel free to reach out to me with questions or concerns by completing the contact form on this page or through one of the following convenient methods.

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It’s always an honor to be invited to speak to my peers at local, regional and national wedding conferences; including the international, Wedding MBA Conference in Las Vegas (5 consecutive years), the ArmDJs Conference, the Association of Bridal Consultants, the Society of Wedding Professionals, the National Association of Catering Executives, the American Disc Jockey Association and the Wedding Marketing Expo. I’ve also has been a featured speaker at Mobile Beat Magazine’s International Disc Jockey conference on a number of occasions.

It’s always an honor to be invited to speak to my peers at these local, regional and national wedding conferences;.

If you’re ready to fire up your team, group or members, take the next step. Let’s arrange a time suited to your schedule to discuss the ideal speaking, consulting or CX workshop program for your audience. Take the first step to giving your conference, meeting or association an electrifying spark of #inspiramaginativity™ by completing the contact form on this page or reaching out to me through one of these convenient methods:

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Many of my presentations are also available as learning resources on DVD.