The Value Of Connecting With Customers Through Stories

Connecting With Customers Through Stories

The foundation of the #CustomerExperience is a business’ ability to make an emotional connection with its customers. What better way to do that than through an emotionally engaging story?

Enjoy this short video segment about the value of connecting with customers through stories from my Wedding MBA International Conference presentation, “Ever After: The Art Of Story-Selling.”

Video Transcript:

Stories connect people.

They connect us through emotion, empathy and vulnerability.

Stories unite people in very personal ways.

It’s all part of our physiological makeup. Emotionally charged stories mess with our head, causing chemical reactions in our brain that produce hormones that are capable of making us more trusting, understanding, compassionate, open to ideas and more generous.

Because as humans we are social creatures, we tend to gravitate towards individuals, even perfect strangers, whose stories reveal beliefs or life experiences that are similar to our own.

We like those people. We trust those people. We want to hang out with those people.

There’s no better evidence of that than right here at this conference. You’re making friends with people you’ve never met before because the stories you tell share common threads.

And when common threads don’t immediately exist, we use stories to influence people to like us or persuade them to accept our way of thinking.

Look at all of the political ads. At this stage of the game, the stories told through those ads are not made to sway the opinion of the candidate’s base. Those people are already on board.

They’re created to persuade voters who are on the fence—to trigger an emotion that influences the decision of those who haven’t made up their mind in the candidate’s favor.

Storytelling and story selling are essentially synonymous. The emotional impact of each is exactly the same.

As a wedding professional, though, the ability to make an emotional connection with your potential customers through a well told story—a story that reveals shared beliefs and life experiences—that makes them like you, trust you, want to hang out with you—can be the most valuable sales tool you have. When a customer is faced with choices to make, your story may be the deciding factor.

All of you have incredible stories just waiting to be told. It’s time to tell them.

~  Ron Ruth  |  Keynote Speaker, Customer Experience Design Consultant & Coach, Creator of #Inspiramaginativity.

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