Why Purpose-Driven Businesses Enjoy More Loyal Customers

Attracting loyal customers depends on the degree to which your business is purpose driven and is dependent on your why---your reason for existing.

Delivering an amazing client experience is not just a process, it’s an unmistakable reflection of your purpose—your attitude, your principles, your integrity.

To be successful as a business owner and entrepreneur doesn’t come about because of what you do on any given day. It relies on the degree to which you are purpose drivenit is dependent on your whythe reason your business exists.

“People don’t buy want you do, they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek

Your purpose is not who you think you should be. It’s who you can’t help being and it speaks to the beliefs that are most important to you. It states how your business is poised to make a positive difference in the lives of others. 

Your purpose should create a culture that energizes consumers and team members in a way that can never come from pursuing profits alone.

Thriving businesses clearly infuse their purpose into everything they do and in every team member. It’s your business’s rallying flag that also attracts consumers who share in your beliefs.

Your purpose is a gatekeeper that keeps you and your team from falling victim to apathy. Every new idea, new opportunity or new way of delivering or performing your service or selling your product should first meet or exceed the criteria of your purpose. If not, then make whatever modifications are necessary to bring them into compliance or scrap them completely. To do anything less could cause serious damage to your brand and will greatly diminish the value of your product or service—and your reputation with consumers.

Disney: Generating Happiness On Purpose

I’m a huge fan of the Disney brand, particularly the Disney Theme Parks. The Disney purpose statement reads “We create happiness for people of all ages everywhere.” It’s simple, succinct and is the foundation on which everything they do is built, especially the guest experience they deliver.

When you watch a Disney Theme Park commercial there’s no mention of what Disney “sells” in the way of thrill rides, attractions or entertainment. That wouldn’t be an accurate depiction of their purpose. But, bringing together families to share in happy, memorable moments is—and the delivery of that happiness is not only front and center in every ad, it is a promise Disney fulfills for every guest at every turn throughout their entire visit.

Any new ideas that Disney considers adding to its theme parks must first meet the company’s purpose of providing happiness to the guests. Is is safe, efficient, courteous, entertaining? If an idea fails to meet any one of these requirements and if it can not be modified to do so, then it will be scrapped.

The reason Walt Disney World hosts over 45 million annual visitors (of which 80% are return guests) is because they don’t cut corners in areas that would cheapen their brand or reputation.

Disney’s commitment to delivering happiness is not only a direct reflection of the company’s purpose; it is their answer as to “why” the company exists and drives the inner culture and top down attitude of every cast member. It’s also why guests will happily spend $100+ per person, per day (just in admission) to enjoy the Disney Theme Park experience.

Apple: Producing Loyal Fans On Purpose

Apple is another great example of delivering an amazing client experience. Apple’s purpose is to think differently as a computer manufacturer and in turn change the way people think about and use computing devices.

Loyal Apple customers don’t stand in line for hours on end to buy a new phone. No. They’ll camp out in front of an Apple store for days because they, too, believe in Apple’s purpose of thinking differently.

Because they believe what Apple believes, those customers are also extremely loyal and will only use whatever innovative device Apple has created. They want to get their hands on the next big thing—not necessarily because it is better—but because it provides them a feeling of stature and they feel good using it.Subscribe To The Ron Ruth Experience Newsletter.

And, as is being proven currently with the release of the iPhone X priced starting at $999, Apple’s customers will also pay more for the Apple product experience, even though they can easily purchase a competitor’s phone or PC with many of the same features at a cheaper price.

Notice that neither Disney or Apple are selling “stuff.” They’re delivering experiences. Those experiences are what produce their profits—enormous profits.

Your purpose, as it is for the most successful and innovative companies in the U.S., is a non-negotiable. That level of conviction means that you are ready and willing to take a pass any time anyone wants you to do anything that goes against your purpose. Remember, your “why” is the foundation on which the client experience you provide will be built. If you take shortcuts that weaken that foundation, everything above it will be in jeopardy. Yes, it’s that important.

“If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.” – T.D. Jakes

What is your business’s purpose? What beliefs do you have that your customers want to share in and support? What are your non-negotiables? Your comments are always welcome.

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